Sweet Online Retail Index

We're often asked, “What's happening in the market?” So in response Sweet Analytics has developed Sweet Online Retail Index, a benchmarking service for SMEs. This unique service provides market information at sector, sub sector and market level so you'll have all the answers at your fingertips.
Our Sweet Online Retail Index is completely free. No credit card required.
Powerful sales and channel insights by market each month.
It's 100% secure and anonymous. ISO27001 compliance protects your data.
Free and easy to start


It's free and easy to start

You don't need a credit card as the service is completely free. We've made the service freely available to ensure the information is accessible for small and medium sized businesses, and to encourage more organisations to join us. The more data that flows into the index, the more accurately you will be able to compare your performance with the entire market or chosen sector.

Powerful Insights


Powerful insights

Sweet Online Retail Index tracks Sales, Average Order Value, Units per Order and Average Item Selling Price and allows you to see UK sales trends at market, sector, and sub sector level in an instant. You'll be able to context your performance by comparing your business growth rate to others in your sector, providing you with the insights to make more informed business decisions.

Data Security first and foremost


Putting data security first

Your data security is our primary concern. Sweet Online Retail Index is completely anonymous and reports at sector and sub sector level. Sweet Analytics is certified to ISO 27001, so you can be confident that our processes are compliant, and your data is protected and completely secure at all times.

Key Features

Learn what makes our Sweet Online Retail Index so powerful.

Ecommerce Metrics

Connecting to your ecommerce store is just a few clicks away


Sweet Online Retail Index tracks four key metrics Sales, Average Order Value, Units per Order and Average Item Selling Price. Easily compare your own growth rates to your sector and sub sector. See which sectors are the fastest growing.

Coming Soon
Google Analytics Metrics

Input your Google Analytics details today for instant visibility. We track 3 key metrics: sessions, bounce rate, and conversion rate. You are able to benchmark your own performance against your sector and sub sector key website metrics and then use this information to improve your own performance.

Sectors and Subsectors

To get maximum value from Sweet Online Retail Index you can compare your performance at sector and sub sector level over two years.


Unlike other benchmarking tools on the market, you can choose from a wide range of sectors and drill down to sub sector level, to increase the relevance of the benchmarking data.

Keep your team in the loop

Real time updates of market and sector data. Receive regular email reports automatically. No limit on number of users.


Sweet Online Retail Index gives you and your team unlimited user access to sales, average order value and other key metrics by sector and sub sector. We make it easy for you and your team to know what's happening in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Contact us to learn more or simply try it yourself, it's free!

  • The first 1,000 retailers who sign up to Sweet Online Retail Index receive free access for unlimited users.

  • Our benchmark dashboard is completely anonymous, so you will not be able to see which retailers have signed up.

  • Sweet Analytics is certified to ISO 27001, so you can be confident that our processes are compliant, and your data is protected and completely secure at all times. Your data is anonymised when added, making sure no personal information exists within the index.

  • You must be using Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce to enable us to bring your data automatically into our benchmarking index. Please email us at support@sweetanalytics.com with any other web platform queries.

  • We are currently reporting on UK sales and average order value metrics using NUTS geographic profiling. Benchmarking for other countries will be coming soon.

  • - Gross sales will be reported as an average % movement across the number of retailers.

    - Average order value is calculated as gross sales divided by total orders.

    - Units per order is calculated as total items divided by total orders.

    - Average item selling price is calculated as total sales value divided by total items.

    - Returns rate will be shown as a % and calculated by dividing total returns value in the period into the total sales during the period.

  • You will need a rolling 24 months of sales data to be included in the index.

  • Even if you have less than 24 months of sales history, we'd love to onboard your data as you'll still be able to access the sector and sub sector trends. As soon as you have 24 months of data, your business will be automatically included in the index given you have integrated your ecommerce platform.

  • There will be a minimum of 5 for sector and sub sector reporting.

  • Choose from over 10 Sectors and over 30 Sub Sectors during the onboarding process. Select the option that most accurately reflects your business to give you the most relevant performance trends.

  • Simply contact us at support@sweetanalytics.com and we will delete your data from our platform. Anonymised data that has been added to the index up until that point will be kept in order to ensure that historical data does not change for other users in the same sector and/or subsector.

  • Yes! If you connect your Google Analytics account during onboarding you also will be able to access benchmarks for website traffic data, using the same sector and sub sector breakdowns. If you decide to not connect Google Analytics, you will still be able to see how the market is performing.

  • We will be adding Amazon to the benchmarking index soon.